Jesus Changes Everything.

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted something. I went out west to visit my family for spring break. Here are a few pictures from my week with my precious nieces

It was an unexpected trip but one that I am so grateful for because last week when I got back my dog Duke passed away 😦 I think the Lord knew I needed the happy week so I could face the really hard next week that was coming. Here is a picture of my sweet pup that I am going to miss so much.


Like I said, last week was hard. Not only did Duke pass away, I felt like everything just kept hitting me and Alex full force…when it rains it pours, or in my case.. it hails. literally. The day Duke passed away an awful hail storm came through town, it literally looked like it had snowed and sounded like rocks were about to come straight into my living room. But enough with the sad. I wanted to write this because of what I was reminded on Sunday at church.

Jesus, You change everything.

It was a line to a song we sang and the more I sang it the more I was reminded that yes, Jesus does in fact change everything, literally, everything. I was overcome with thankfulness to the Lord, filled with hopefulness, and gratefulness for grace. Because of Jesus I can look at life so much differently.

When I mess up and feel like a failure, its okay.

When fear overtakes me, even if for just a second, its okay.

When someone I deeply love gets sick, or passes away (even my little pup), its okay. (maybe not in the moment but there will be a day that it is okay)

When life just isn’t the greatest and you feel like you can’t take another day, its okay.

When job changes happen, or big decisions have to be made, its okay.

And even when new, good things happen in your life, its okay.

Because Jesus, you change everything.

He changes my outlook on circumstances, he gives me hope when I cant find any, peace in the middle of my fears and anxiety. He brings healing and freedom, and blesses my life with His goodness. I am so grateful for Jesus, for who he is and how he loves me because I don’t deserve it at all.

I`m listening to a sermon series on 1 John, I don’t want to share too much (because that’s for another post 😉) but I did want to share this quote with you because it goes along with what I’m writing about today.

“Is the reality of who God is changing you?”

He changes everything for us, so why not let the reality of who He is change our mindset and way of living? He offers us so much, His goodness overflows and because of Him —

I can face tomorrow.




2 thoughts on “Jesus Changes Everything.

  1. I heard this quote a long time ago: “Happiness is based on our circumstances, but joy is based on our relationship with Jesus.” I’ll take joy over happiness any day because our joy takes us into eternity and fills us with hope for the present. Thanks for sharing your joy!


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